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The knife is really cold, I wonder how my wrists like the cold?


You broke my heart. That’s my private property, I’m afraid I’m gonna have to sue for damages.

Perfect. …just perfect

Oh Haley-Chwan oh Haley-Chwan I love you sooooo

  • *depression mode activated* boop c':

Why is it I fuck everything I do up and end up being a bloody mess

*rolls around* why is it so hard to draw my OC


Is manga considered fifty shades of gray? I mean if you think about it there are many shades of gray in manga

If ugly girls are considered beautiful than my Haley is drop dead gorgeous. ….oh wait I am dead YOHOHOHOHO

My sims 3 couple is me and my girlfriend we’re really cute in the game, it makes me want to cuddle Haley more~~~~


Im just going to try to get a snapchat or whatever